Why Blue Pepperseed

Why Blue Pepperseed

Hmmm....I've asked myself this question many, many times since creating this amazing little business. I have always been kind of creative and wanted to help others. Plus, I wanted more control over my life and working from home with my puppies nearby has been a dream for a while now. 

Yes, my labrador's Pepper and Badseed are a huge part of my life. I talk to them like they're human and I love them like I love my children, they are the goofy babies that keep me company during the day.

After losing my amazing Mum in 2017 life suddenly seemed to take on a whole new kind of meaning to me. Leaving a legacy for my kids and showing them how to live seemed to become more important than ever to me. This significant loss took me on such a journey of self discovery from grief despair and endless tears (I still cry for her almost daily) to adventure, personal growth and finding my passion in life. We are not destined to live a ground hog day existence of getting up going to a job we hate and coming home and doing it all over again. I'm so grateful that I get to take my kids to school, come home and create, pick them up and have time as a family together.

My rock, my beautiful rock my Ben. This man has been put through hell and back by me over the years and he's still right by my side every day pushing me to be the best version of myself even when it hurts...yes, personal growth is bloody painful sometimes. This man has helped me through severe mental health issues, BPD, loss, self doubt and I dedicate all my lemon myrtle goodies to him hehe. 

I've been many things in my life a pastry cook, sales person, travel agent, cake maker, domestic cleaner to name a few. Nothing ever quite fit for me and I never quite felt fulfilled in my life until now. Creating something from scratch is both rewarding and scary as hell all at the same time, there have been many triumphs and just as many fearful tears along the way. 

My message for you today is this. If you are not where you want to be in life, do something about it. I'm not going to lie, it will be painful and it will suck at times but as you come out the other side of it the person you become will be strong, kind, genuine and have such a passion for life. 

Live your life on your terms, take no prisoners, be a good human and don't forget to wash your hands xx