So what is tallow and why do I use it?

So what is tallow and why do I use it?

Upon first starting my soaping journey I came across two ingredients with rather controversial undertones to them, palm oil and tallow. Both are great in soap, both are great for the skin and both affect animals.

I grew up on a farm and learnt from a very young age where my food came from, we had a sheep farm and butchered our own stock for food. I was also taught to use everything, waste nothing and to be grateful for where this food came from. These have been valuable lessons in my life and I am grateful to have grown up with a very open and honest approach to food (namely meat). Why am I telling you this? Tallow is an animal product (rendered animal fat).  I hope you'll keep reading...

Tallow is these days is basically a waste bi-product of modern butchery and our convenience way of life. I don't go out of my to slaughter animals for their tallow, I use what would be considered a waste bi-product that would normally be discarded.

Traditionally, this product was used for cooking, making candles and soap. Tallow is great for soap making and even better for our skin as it is the one oil on this earth that resembles human fat and thus is one of the most moisturizing products you can get for your skin, each traditional soap bar I make has a small percentage of tallow in it for it's lathering and moisturizing properties. 

Personally, I prefer my traditional soap recipe over all others as it is the most beneficial to my and the one product that I attribute my great skin to today. I don't use any commercially produced skincare products on myself, just what I make. In this year alone I would hate to think how much money I have saved by making my own soap using the best ingredients for my skin. 

I understand that this can make many people feel quite squimish, so several months ago I created a vegan friendly range and my 100% olive oil soap is of course also vegan friendly.

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