To shrink wrap or not to shrink wrap?

To shrink wrap or not to shrink wrap?

Good morning my sweets! I thought I would address this question once and for all as it has been raised lately.

When I started this business my priority from the beginning was to provide the best quality that I can and to ensure it is placed in my customers hands in the same condition.  

I originally used to wrap my soaps in brown craft paper, after a windstorm at a local Market I learnt a valuable lesson. I couldn't easily clean the kraft paper without damaging it, water is not a great friend to kraft paper either is fine dust. The last thing I wanted was to give my gorgeous customers a quality soap in inferior packaging. 

Offering naked soaps is also not an option in any way. I do not want to offer my customers a soap that has been touched by numerous people, damaged, gotten dusty or been left to the elements at a Market. Maintaining the integrity of my soaps is paramount, they aren't cheap and they aren't going to be given to you damaged. Visiting a local farmers market last weekend I was not happy to see naked soaps covered in dust and finger prints and sold at top price, this is not something I will ever offer. 

Shrink wrapping has now become the safest and most effective option and I have been able to source a recyclable product so the wrapping I use won't head to landfill. The benefits of shrink wrapping now tick all the boxes for where my business is headed and the kind of quality soap I wish to place in your hands. 

By shrink wrapping my soaps you get the best quality product, that hasn't been touched by anyone else other than me or my fellow wrapper Toby. We sanitize our hands for this process with isopropyl alcohol to ensure your soap is not contaminated (wearing gloves is a safety issue, I've melted one to my hand during the heating process). During shipping the soaps are given an added layer of protection with the wrapping. At Markets I am able to sanitize the wrapping without damaging it, the soaps are given to you dust free and you will be the only other person to touch the soap itself. Visually you can see what you are getting from the beginning as well. 

You'll also find during shrink wrapping that I often open up a seam a little bit, this allows the soap to breath and doesn't allow any moisture to be trapped either. So for the next person questioning my choice of packaging, I hope you'll read this and understand my decision and know that it won't be changing. Today there are so many environmentally friendlier products than plastic that often look like harmful plastic. I'm always on the hunt for the friendliest versions and look forward to the day very soon when I can shrink wrap my soaps in a corn starch based alternative that can go in your compost bin...its not far off xx.