Finding Time for ME

Finding Time for ME

Hello all my lovelies...

What an amazing few months this has been. Who knew that during such difficult times great things could happen. I've learn over the past few months some very important lessons that I wanted to share with you all.

It's OK to find time for yourself, in fact it should be something high up on your list of priorities. Gone are the days where in order to be successful you must be a slave to time and put yourself and your sleep routine last...if this is you STTTOOOPPPP! You are no good to anyone if you are running on empty, in fact studies have shown it makes you less productive, less able to deal with stress and far less pleasant to be around. 

Let's go back a couple of years to my time in MLM, to a place where $$$ are flashed in front of you and the promise of a life beyond your wildest dreams is on the horizon if you just do this and this and this. The things that were expected were as follows:

  • Put your business first
  • Have that discussion with your family where your business is more important than anything else and you'll be focusing on that and they just have to get used to it
  • The household chores are just going to have to pile up
  • Say goodbye to sleep and spend many nights 'hustling'
  • Message everyone on your friends list often
  • Get used to being uncomfortable

My crunch time came whilst on a family holiday when someone in my upline told me to keep working 12 hours per day whilst on holiday's....uuummm hell no! I put my list down and went and re-connected with my family. I have spent a longtime since re-establishing the right list of priorities and rebuilding my family to what it should be. Today my priorities look very different and I'm on the path to feeling better about myself again. Gone are the sleepless nights and burning the candle at both ends, today my priorities look like this:

  • Me
  • Family
  • Business

For the first time in my life I am able to put myself first and understand that it isn't egotistical, it's perfectly healthy when done right. So what does putting myself first look like? Making time for me each day, getting enough sleep, eating as well as I can and learning gratitude.

I started this business so I could work from home and be with my puppies as much as possible. YES! I'm the kind of person who treats her puppies like her children and loves them accordingly, even when they drink out of the toilet. 

If you are reading this and struggling with balance yourself and wish you had more time and that there just aren't enough hours in the day, STOP!!! Put what you're doing down and grab a notebook. Write down your priorities and then take a look at them, you're out of balance because your priorities are... read that again "You're out of balance because your priorities are!"

If Covid has taught me one thing it is this, our lives can be so much simpler if we remove the fluff of life. Since our way of life has changed (what I would say for the better) reflection has enabled me to figure out the difference between needs and wants. We all have the same hours in the day, we all use them differently. 

Make it a priority to get that 8 hours of sleep, to eat dinner together, to go for a walk, to spend time with your partner, to soak in the bath, to read a book, to learn something new or to just be present in the moment and look at the clouds. 

Enjoy the life you have in front of you before it passes you by. Excuse me while I go have a lovely soak and switch off for a little while xx